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This site was designed to guide and help answer questions about your bark dust, compost and yard debris recycling needs. McFarlane's carries a variety of landscaping supplies that will help meet the challenges of any size job.

Complete with a gardening center as well as a variety of bark and compost products, McFarlane's also carries sand, rock products, fill dirt, soil mixes, cedar chips and sawdust.

McFarlane's offers delivery for additional convenience

McFarlane's yard debris recycling center is a perfect place to drop off any unwanted yard waste materials.We accept: branches, leaves, grass, chips, weeds, sod, thatch and wood.

McFarlane's can deliver your bark, compost, rock and soil directly to your home or job site. We have different size delivery vehicles to make your delivery the most efficient and timely that is possible.Our minimum delivery of bark and compost products is 1 yard. Rock and soil products at a minimum of 1 yard.

Most seasons we deliver 7 days a week!

Current Job Openings

Front Office Sales Operator and Backup Scalehouse Operator: $13 - $17 per hour, depending on experince.

Minimum 5 years customer service experience. Greet Customers and perform sales at Front Counter Sales. Responsible for Cash til. Direct customers to the Loading Areas. Excellent communication skills required. Front Office Sales in store and over phone delivery orders. Scalehouse Operator - Operation of incoming and outgoing weight scale system - Visual inspection (able to use ladder, as is sometimes required) and measuring and calculation of incoming recyclable feed stocks. Ability to discern the correct or incorrect feedstocks that McFarlane's is permitted and licensed to accept for recycling according to Metro and DEQ guidelines.Out door work 20% to 40% of the day (sweeping/washing concrete). Wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Clear understanding and support of company recycling methods, job description and Company Policies are required. High School Diploma or GED required. Training is provided.


CDL Driver: Class A, Class B or Class C: $18 - $25 per hour, depending on experince.

High School or GED equivalent required. Class A CDL required; supply copy of current DMV report upon submitting application along with Medical Card. Contingent upon passing pre-employment drug screen. Self Starter. Accuracy with cash a must. Customer relation skills. Knowledge of Oregon and Washington highways and streets. Familiarity with map required. Minimum 2 years experience.


Heavy Equipment Operator: $18 - $23 per hour, depending on experince.

High School Diploma or GED equivalent is required. Valid Oregon or Washington Driver's License. Able to operate multiple heavy iron types; Track hoe, John Deere Unit Loader, Mechanic capabilities a plus. Inspection, maintenance and repair of mechanical, hydraulic and diesel technology. Follow Company and manufacturer's safety protocol. Customer Service skills preferred. Pre-employment drug screen test and background check are performed. 40 hour + work week, days, weekends and swing. Diesel Mechanic prefferd.


Diesel Mechanic: $20 - $25 per hour, depending on experince.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Millwright Duties. High School Diploma or GED equivalent is required. Valid Oregon or Washington Driver's License, Class B CDL preferred; 21 years old to drive the interstate. Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Millwright capabilities a plus. Inspection, maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and diesel technology and systems, transmissions, etc. Testing and operation of equipment after repair. Able to operate multiple machine tools. Abilities include the documentation and maintaining of work orders and service records, ability to read vehicle manufacturer's specifications and apply safe waste disposal procedures and follow Company and manufacturer's safety protocol. Pre-employment drug screen test and background check are performed. 40 hour work week, days, weekends and swing.



Milwaukie, Oregon:
13345 SE Johnson Rd,
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Phone: 503-659-4240

Vancouver Washington:
8806 NE 117th Ave,
Vancouver, WA 98662
Phone: 360-892-6125


In 1932, Clara McFarlane suggested to Fred McFarlane that they should buy a truck and deliver Fresh Sawdust for home fuel heat. Fred must have thought it a good idea and quit the concrete business. Clara raised her family of three children, kept the books and took the orders from their “in home” office until 1970. Fred went to work at the infamous “Pit” located at 94th and S.E. Clinton in Portland, Oregon. When John McFarlane was old enough he helped his father, driving, loading and all else he was taught by Fred at the “pit”. As years went by John gave up his plans of going into the Forestry industry and slowly took over handling the family business (Fred was “aging” faster than he should because of a “weak” heart).

John’s marriage to Marge produced nine children: Patrick, Kathleen, Maureen, Daniel, Mary, Michael, Ann, Theresa and Shannon. All have been active with the growth of the business. Many Spring and Summer nights John and his three sons would work till dark and come home late, having to reheat their dinners! In the mid 1960’s John started taking leaves and grass from his landscape accounts. This material was mixed with old sawdust and red sawdust (sawdust starting to age). The material was a popular product with avid gardeners and the landscape accounts. We believe John McFarlane was Portland, Oregon’s first Commercial Yard Debris Composter! The late sixties brought John’s boys into young manhood and they were able to run equipment, the screening plant, perform much of the maintenance and even drive truck by the early 1970’s.

Then too, as the girls grew older they became active in the company. During this same time McFarlane’s performed nearly 100% of the bark blowing on the new interstate freeways throughout the Portland area. In 1970 McFarlane’s moved to their site in Milwaukie (the State of Oregon needed the property on 94th Street for the I-205 freeway!). There was much to do to get the plant up and running to create the many different products. Over the years more sizes of products were created with the help of the Oregon Extension Service mediating between the Oregon Nurseries and McFarlane’s. There were special sizes of bark dust made for some of the nurseries; the Super Fine at 1/4” minus and the Regular Fine at 5/8” minus. In about 1981 Metro Service District contacted McFarlane’s with regards to taking on additional yard debris. Metro was helpful in market assistance and the eventual mandate that Yard Debris is a “recyclable” and not “solid waste”. McFarlane’s takes in approximately 200,000 + cubic yards of Yard Debris annually. The product is composted and sold as “Compo-Stuff” and mixed with other agents for soil amendments and potting mixes.

The 21st century has brought the 4th generation of McFarlane children into the business Caz, Shelby, Lauren and Jeff. The McFarlane family and staff invite you to visit anytime!