McFarlane's Bark processes yard debris to the standards and specifications of the U.S. Composting Council.The vegetation, once completing the composting cycle, is then screened to a finished product.

Fine Compo-Stuff

5/8" dust, almost black in color. Great as a top dressing for your beds, or can be tilled into soil. Fine Compo-Stuff is recommended to apply as a top layer up to 4 inches in depth.

Super Fine Compo-Stuff

1/8" dust, almost black in color. Great as a top dressing for your beds or can be tilled into soil. Recommended to apply to top of landscape or garden bed.

Soil and Planting Mixes:

Scottish-Blended Soil: This mix is 50% Fine Compo-Stuff, 40% clay soil, 10% Sand. Plants can be planted directly into the Scottish-Blended Soil; however may need a nitrogen source.

Irish Mix: Great for planting grass seed and sod.

Compo-Stuff Uses:

Apply approximately ¼” to 1” base for seeding grass.

Ground Cover in Landscaping: Apply about 3 to 4” for a top covering for landscape. It’s dark in color which is a great contrast to plants. Placing over roots of plants will conserve water.  The additional carbon of the product is a protective soil coverage.

Erosion Control, Turf Remediation: 3 to 4” layer can be placed directly on top of soil to enhance the growth of plants and other vegetations, thus, saving the soil from eroding due to zero plant life.  See Environmental Protection Agency Erosion Control and Turf Remediation documentation.

Bioremediation and Pollution Prevention: Compost will break down contaminates in water or soil. The microorganisms will consume the contaminants, digest and metabolize them and then transform them into carbon monoxide, water and salts which are less harmful.  See the Environmental Protection Agency Bioremediation and Pollution Prevention documentation.