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Compost Questions

What is Compo-Stuff??

Compo-Stuff is a natural soil amendment that results from the controlled aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition of organic materials. Compost is not soil; it should be mixed with soil. It is not a fertilizer, although it contains many slowly released nutrients and has a safe level of nitrogen too.

What materials or feedstocks are used to make Compo-Stuff?

Compost facilities in Oregon and Washington recycle a variety of organic materials. McFarlane’s makes Compo-Stuff with 100% vegetative yard debris.

What about weed seeds, plant diseases or pesticide residues?

The controlled time, aeration and temperature process required by the USCC has been shown to kill weed seeds and plant diseases. That same process breaks down most pesticide residues and makes those chemicals inert.

How do I know I’m getting safe and quality compost?

Fortunately, in Oregon and Washington there are strict permitting and production standards for compost facilities that include both time and temperature requirements.

ODOT and WSDOT require that compost products that are used for their state jobs obtain certified test results that meet the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance parameters.

McFarlane’s Bark, Inc. submits their Compo-Stuff for testing once a month/twelve times per year. The analysis on the Compo-Stuff received from the Soil Control Lab in Watsonville, California meets or exceeds the standards set by the USCC. An analysis is available upon request and you may be added to the monthly distribution of the analysis as well.


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