Quality Assurance

As a Commercial Composter in the Portland Metropolitan area since 1965, it is the desire of McFarlane’s Bark, Inc. to perservere in our obligation to produce safe, uniform and superior products.

To preserve accountability, our soil mixes and compost products are made from the most stable feed stocks and from 100% post consumer recyclable vegetative yard debris, chips, sawdust, soil and other suitable materials obtained from our Pacific Northwest area. The methodology of our compost production uses the Static Pile technology.

As it is our objective to continually raise the standard of our products we have been submitting our compost products for testing since 1993. In meeting the required monthly testing parameters that have been set by the U.S. Composting Council, we maintain the “Seal of Testing Assurance”. You can be assured that our Compo-Stuff products contain the nutrients needed for practical application as soil amendments, a planting medium, bioremediation treatment, erosion control and various landscape applications.

-The Mcfarlane Family and Staff