Product Uses

Products Suggested Uses
Fir & Hemlock Barks Top Dressing. Helps with moisture and weed control.
Cedar Chips Playgrounds, pathways, and dog runs.
Fine & Super Fine Compo-Stuff Soil amendment & top dressing. Adds nutrients to the soil.
Irish Mix (40% Fine Compo-Stuff, 40% INT Fines, 20% Fill Sand) Amendment for soil, for sod/seed, in all types of garden beds; sand helps with drainage, bark helps aerate soil.
Scottish Mix (50% Fine Compo-Stuff, 40% Screened Soil, 10% Fill Sand) Raised beds, gardens, and house plants. (Plant directly into)
Int Fines (Aged Bark with Sand) Similar uses as the Irish Mix.
Fill Sand (May contain small pebbles & seashells) Gardens, drainage, fill, and sand boxes for kids.
3/4 Minus Crushed Gravel Driveways and under concrete.
Brush Hog Fuel Mud control, pathways, ground cover.



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